"Food, Not Lawns!"

Feed-Me Farms is a suburban farm located in the Western Suburbs of Minneapolis. The mission of Feed-Me Farms is simple: to eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on lawns, by converting traditional grass lawns to organic food-producing lots. Founded in 2020, Feed-Me Farms operates differently than a traditional vegetable farm. We grow on borrowed lots from friends, family, and neighbors… converting portions of their yard into productive organic farm plots in exchange for a share of vegetables each week. Our goal is to provide a source of hyper-local organic nutrition to our own families and neighbors, while simultaneously improving the health of our soil and our watershed through the elimination of chemical-dependent lawns.


Jake Jarecki is the owner, farmer, and chef of Feed-Me Farms. A graduate of Hopkins High School (2008), Jake spent 10 years in Seattle and Portland, getting a degree and holding a variety of positions in both environmental education and the food and beverage industry. An interest in organic agriculture led Jake to a year-long stint on a farm in Wisconsin, and after becoming hooked, Jake decided to break ground and start Feed-Me Farms in his hometown back in Hopkins, MN in 2020.


Feed-Me Farms is named in tribute to the memory of a great man and great friend, Andrew Jaffee. Andrew was an adventurous and loving person, with a bit of an appetite, who earned the nickname Feed-Me back in 1997 in 2nd grade gym class at Alice Smith Elementary in Hopkins. In 2018 Andrew passed at the age of 28 from cancer, and a community of family and friends around the world continue to miss him dearly. May we all eat well and be merry in his honor!